Vodník a Karolínka

Fairytalle produced by Czech TV. Most of shoted scenes are on Blue screen at studio and then composited together. All jobs was been done at Czech TV in 10 person group animators, modellers, compositors and colorist. Here are manny retouching and matte paints at scenes with the underwather story. All of shot has tracking points to catch background movement, which was been retouched out to get great key. Technology: Quantel, Maya, PFClean, Photoshop.

DIR: Jaroslav Hovorka; D.O.P.: Filip Havelka; VFX and postproduction supervisor: Patrik Hradecký, 3D Animation: Břetislav Kašpar, Jiří Liška; 2D Animation: Tomáš Musílek; Production: GC ČT

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