Okno do hřbitova - Švandrlíkovy povídky

Sepulchral stories by famous writer Miloslav Švandrlík. All night scenes was shoted at day. So it was challenge make it like night look and put face, hands, lighters and details back to get great feeling from detais. All jobs was been done at Czech TV in 2 person group animators, compositors and one colorist. Here was manny rotoscoping of mattes and CC with curves at scenes at the cemetery. We used manny linear keys, chromakeys and tracking of objects to put it back. Technology: Quantel eQ, Quantel Pablo.

DIR: Vladimír Michálek; D.O.P.: David Ployhar A.Č.K.; VFX, Grading and compositor: Patrik Hradecký, EDITOR: Olina Kaufmannová; Production: GC ČT

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