film Blízko nebe - Close to heaven

. Samuel stands on the edge of a hotel roof in the rain and tries to summon up in his mind an image of his homeland – before he jumps into the street below. We are gradually introduced to the residents and guests of the “Close to Heaven” hotel, who have crossed Samuel's path to a greater or lesser extent. Samuel's black family lives on the fifth and highest floor of the hotel.... We made offline and online edit,full postproduction, 2D and 3D VFX, color grading , many film projections. The film is full of keyed background with tracking points, manny camera movements without cameracrain or other robots. There are lots of camera flows throw the windows, walls and floors of building (hotel) which help's fluently go from scene to scene. All was done at HD like digital intermediate and result is cinemascope, then burn in 35mm film, at 2005 year, of course with Dolby sound. Web pages of film:

DIR: Dan Svátek; D.O.P.: Martin Preis; Editor: Alois Fišárek; Sound: Jiří Melcher; 2D, VFX, Grading and composition: Patrik Hradecký, Martin Petro, Jan Černý; 3D: Martin Petro; Production: Holiday Films - Jiří Holubec, Vlaďka Poláčková

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